Logic Blocks Guide in Astro Colony (Updated)

Quick intro to Logic Blocks

This logic blocks guide in Astro Colony is not about the basic Logistics Blocks, but the Logic blocks, which are unlocked mid-game. Upon setting a full Logic block circle, you will gain the Achievement “Logic Circuit”.

Logic Blocks Guide in Astro Colony

First you need to research the “Signal” Technology, which will unlock:

  • Inventory Sensor – (Grey transparent Block, no cost)
  • Decider – (Golden transparent Block, no cost)
  • Signal Cable – (Metallic colored smooth thin pipe, auto connects, costs 1 iron made Wire)

The Setup

Unlike the Logistics Blocks which detect what Item is passing (or may not pass) through them, the logic Blocks need to be manually linked to a Container/Machine that is in direct line of sight.

  1. We should start with an Inventory Sensor block, place it down, where the signal output side (indicated by a red wifi-like Icon) is not covered by any blocks.
  2. Now press F key on the Sensor block, you’ll enter the blocks point-of-view. In this state, point at a Machine that has an inventory.
  3. When done, you’ll exit that mode, now press E on the Sensor block again, and select the type of Items that you want to detect.

Now the Input is all set.

Now to the Decider, it’s a switch, which will turn the machine on/off depending on the signal input and the setting.

  1. First we place the Decider down next to the machine we want to operate, Press F key to link it.
  2. Now we need to get the signal from the Inventory Sensor, do that by pulling a cable from the output side of the Sensor to the input side (indicated by a green wifi-like icon) of the Decider Block.
  3. Press E to enter the Decider to select which Item Signals we want to receive, should match the output signal type. (e.g., if your Inventory Sensor outputs Ice block signals, you should accept Ice blocks signals) Everything else is filtered.
  4. Finally, at the lower side of the Panel, there’s a Condition Section. Condition True == Machine On! e.g., If you want something to operate when your amount is less than 100, then put “< 100” as condition.

When you have set it all up, you should gain the Achievement! Congratulations!

The Limits

At current stage (1 week after EA release), the Logic blocks come with some limitations. Among others, the one that might affect the play most might be: It cannot detect Water level stored in water tanks. Therefore, you cannot use the Logic circuits to operate icebreakers, to make more water when the tanks are not full.

The Extra

Now there’s the Satellite Achievement, It’s just the same, link the Sender to your Inventory Sensor output, power it up, enter F mode to aim at a receiver, and it’s done. Use your imagination of what they could achieve!

All the details covered in this Logic Blocks guide in Astro Colony belongs to its original writer “Niaraeth”. Here is the official source of this guide from Steam community.

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